Advocacy Marketing: the power of recommendation

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Advocacy Marketing: the power of recommendation

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Many of us are witnessing a paradigm shift in the sale of products or services. More specifically, we are experiencing a transformation in the way the sales and marketing departments work, since the value of the informed and trained customer is representing a highly relevant value for companies. In this article we wanted to focus on Advocacy Marketing , whose concept can be defined in the power of recommendation by the satisfied customer. Apart from the seismic impact this could have on the way organizations are managed and marketed, it is also creating new opportunities for those whose voice was previously limited to their personal conversations.

Advocacy Marketing, the effective methodology for generating clients Customers, or at least a very specific subset known as Advocacy (or brand ambassadors), are b2b email leads now taking the lead as major marketing points of interest due to their maturing place in the buyer's journey . This new appreciation and search for more advocates begins with identification within a database, cultivation based on shared values, and finally recognition. Starting with the last part of this process; recognition, we asked ourselves how best to keep Advocacy clients attached to our efforts and keeping them engaged.


Do we pay them, do we reward them in some other way, or do we simply acknowledge them in private or in public (or both)? The answer lies in the motivation of that individual. Without a doubt, our continuing role as a brand or marketing entity is to ensure that we deliver on our brand promise. This means going to the point of acknowledging that we are human, and occasionally making mistakes with the support of advocates. Surprisingly, correcting those mistakes often makes a brand stronger in the eyes of its customer base.