RSNA Predictive Models Reduce False Positives in Breast Cancer Screenings

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RSNA Predictive Models Reduce False Positives in Breast Cancer Screenings

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Scientists have developed predictive models that can reduce false positives in MRI results for breast cancer as well as biopsies in benign tumors. Published in August of this year in the journal “Radiology” , of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) , the study analyzes the effectiveness of the technique applied to cases of women with dense breast tissue, who are more likely to develop breast cancer compared to women with dense breast tissue.

That have medium density fabrics. Medical oncologist and study coordinator Bianca den Dekker noted that after the procedure was performed, the rate of false positives in the study group dropped from 79.8 per 1,000 screenings in the Bahrain Phone Number first round to 26.3 per 1,000 in the second. According to the study, mammography alone may not be effective, as the tissue in this region of the body can mask cancer cells. For this reason, MRI is often requested by doctors as a complementary exam, but it is also prone to errors.


In this way the scientists built on data from a previous trial, carried out with women aged 50 and 75 who had dense breast tissue and developed breast cancer. To create the predictive models, these data were combined with MRI findings and clinical characteristics such as body mass index, family history of breast cancer, and use of hormone replacement therapy. Full article link, click here . Come back Dot.Lib Dot.Lib Dot.Lib distributes scientific and academic content online to hundreds of institutions across Latin America.