Why Measuring the Quality of the User Experience Can Make Your Provider More Competitive

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Why Measuring the Quality of the User Experience Can Make Your Provider More Competitive

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Thus we can say that QoE measures the quality of the user experience . For the ITU-T (study group that defines standards for the telecommunications sector), the QoE metric is defined as: Degree of satisfaction or annoyance of the user of an application or service. This concept results from the fulfillment of your expectations regarding the usefulness and/or satisfaction of the application or service in relation to the user's personality and current state. To measure QoE , therefore, it is necessary to take into account all the factors that can contribute to the user-perceived quality of a system or service. Check out what they are below! QoE: what factors are taken into account to measure user satisfaction.

Human Factors Low-level processing Higher level processing (cognitive, historical, sociocultural, economic processes, expectations, needs, goals, etc). System Factors: Related to Content; Related to the type of media (encoding, resolution, sample rate, etc); Network related (bandwidth, delay, jitter, etc); Device related (screen resolution, screen size, etc). Context Factors Physical Context (location and space); Temporal Context (time of day, frequency of use, etc); Social Context (interpersonal Argentina Phone Number during the experience) Economic Context; Task Context (multitasking, interrupts, task type); Technical and information context (relationship between systems). Although QoE and QoS are seen from totally different perspectives, we can say that in the telecommunications world they have some kind of relationship with each other.


This is because QoS is also used to measure improve and guarantee the delivery of certain services (or a set of them). The result of these analyzes also end up being perceived in user satisfaction. Check below which of the QoS measurements are reflected in the QoE level. QoS metrics that affect the QoE level signal level Measures the signal strength received by the device. The higher the signal strength, the better the transmission quality. This metric can be classified, for example, as “Excellent”, “Good”, “Fair” or “Poor”; WiFi speed Standards A, B, G, N and AC are currently on the market . Each one of them has a certain maximum speed, which varies from 11Mbps, in standard B, evolving up to 1.75Gbps in standard AC. Recently, a new transmission standard called AX is in the testing phase and promises to reach an incredible 10Gbps. In this way, using the new WiFi communication standards can improve the speed delivered to the device.