With Instapage Ux Designer Why Marketers Need Instablocks

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With Instapage Ux Designer Why Marketers Need Instablocks

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To begin we announced our newest product feature The concept behind it is simple because it’s an even quicker method to create post-click landing pages at scale, yet it’s an industry-first feature so we thought it deserved a little more explaining. I sat down with User Experience Designer Nicolai -Stearns to talk in more detail about the feature. Nicolai has worked on this project since the beginning and is a great team member to explain the feature, why we developed it, and how to best use it for your pages. Why is it important for digital marketers to create post-click landing pages quickly at scale. Marketing is about bringing the right messages to the right people. You need to speak specifically and relevantly to people’s problems, interests, and contexts, and do so consistently throughout the whole customer journey.

In practice that means pairing any unique messaging at the ad level with corresponding messaging on the post-click landing page. As you scale your advertising efforts to be more focused and relevant, your post-click landing page creation needs to scale with it to ensure continuity between what people see before they click on your ads, and what they experience after. It’s what we call post-click optimization. What makes quick Bahamas Phone Number post-click landing page creation difficult for all digital marketers? NDS: Traditionally, post-click landing pages have remained difficult to create quickly for a number of reasons. In the beginning, if you wanted to create a post-click landing page, you had to code it by hand from the ground up.


This had a high barrier to entry because of the technical knowledge and skill required to get started and failed to afford marketers the kind of speed and ease they needed to move with agility. Instapage, and a number of other software solutions, were created initially, in large part, to solve that problem. By providing a powerful drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG page editor, Instapage lowered the barrier to entry, and empowered marketers to create pages without needing technical knowledge or the help of a developer. It wasn’t a perfect solution, though. The fact remains that the robust, mature post-click landing pages that sophisticated marketers require are built up using dozens of page objects, each one’s position needing to be considered in relation to the others and adjusted manually to achieve the final result.